Bakflip MX4 vs F1

The BAKflip MX4 and F1 tonneau covers are designed to fit your truck like a glove and offer maximum protection for your cargo. This comparison of the two covers takes a deep dive into the features and benefits. It will be a difficult choice, as these are comparable tonneau covers.


Table of specification

FeatureBakflip F1Bakflip MX4
Panel exteriorFiber reinforced polymer top layer with impact resistant Aluminum underside.Industrial Grade Aluminum
Cover TypeHard CoverHard Cover
Panel coreNot ApplicablePremium Density Foam
Panel framesAluminumAluminum
FinishGlossy BlackMatte-Black
Look Low Profile AppearanceLow Profile Appearance
ConstructionCompletely Flush ConstructionCompletely Flush Construction
Weight rating400 LBS. - evenly distributed400 LBS. - evenly distributed
InstallationBolt on InstallationBolt on Installation
Bed AccessFull Bed AccessFull Bed Access
Touch SensationCool to touchMight get hot to touch.
Weight55 lbs.71 lbs.
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Shared Features

Strength and style
These covers are both strong and lightweight. Both covers are weather-resistant and able to hold up to 400 lbs. of weight.

Easy access, maximum security
Both tonneau covers offer full bed access. The advanced latching system on the F1 and the locking rails on the MX4 ensure your cargo stays safe and secure. The MX4 even has a slide latch that only allows access when the tailgate is folded down. 

Protection from the elements
The MX4 and the F1 have rubber seals that keep excess water out. Both covers have UV protection to keep your truck looking new for years to come.

The perfect fit for your truck
These BAKflip tonneau covers are made to fit your truck perfectly. With lightweight construction and easy installation, you’ll be able to access your truck bed in no time. 



Bakflip F1Bakflip MX4
Glossy Black
Textured Matte-finish
Panel Construction
Fiber-reinforced polymer top layer with impact-resistant Aluminum underside.
Panel Construction
Aluminum Panels with premium density foam core


More likely to keep your truck bed cool


Does not offer any protection against the heat

55 lbs.
71 lbs.
Check PriceCheck Price


Do you want the glossy black finish of the F1, or the textured matte finish of the MX4? Most like the textured matte finish because it weathers well, and camouflages scratches and blemishes that are bound to happen to your tonneau cover. 

Panel construction
The F1 uses fiber-reinforced polymer top layer with impact-resistant aluminum underside. The MX4 stays with aluminum, only this time the panels are sandwiched around a foam core inner panel. In the end, both tonneau covers will support 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight. 

Overall weight
This might be the decision-maker for you. The F1 weighs in at 55 lbs. The MX4 weighs 71 pounds. It may not sound like much, but if you’re the kind of truck owner who regularly removes your tonneau cover for special loads and reinstalls it later, the extra sixteen pounds might make a difference. 

Protection against high temperatures
The F1 cover does a better job of insulating your truck bed from harsh temperatures. If excessive heat is a factor in what you carry in your truck bed, you might consider this in your selection. 

As if your choice between these two wasn’t already difficult enough, there is only a about $50 difference between these two. Your selection may come down to which one you can find on sale.



Both BAKflip F1 and MX4 tonneau covers offer a great solution for truck bed protection, with a focus on lightweight materials, ease of installation, and maximum security. However, each model has its own set of unique features, making them ideal for different needs and preferences.

The BAKflip F1 offers superior protection with its fiberglass-reinforced panels and refined latching system, while the MX4 has a sleek matte black finish and premium UV protection with its aluminum panels.

Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to what you value most – rugged durability or stylish appearance. The best part of this choice is that either way you get the security of the BAKFlip name. 

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