Bak Revolver X2 vs X4

Several tonneau covers are available in the market and each of them projects an image of top-notch products, but the customer is encouraged to go deeper into the features of the products and then decide based on the specific usage pattern and operating preferences of the user.

The below analysis sheds light on the comparison of two leading tonneau covers which are “Bak revolver X2” and “Bak revolver X4”. Both covers ate based on the “roll-up” style functionality and have many similarities but some distinctive differences.

The analysis has been done by going deeper into the specific characteristics of the two products and gives an unbiased and sincere technical opinion much better than the conventional comparisons available.


Table of specification

FeatureBak revolver X2Bak revolver X4
PanelLight Weight and Durable AluminumLight Weight and Durable Aluminum
Cover Weight81 lbs81 lbs
Bed AccessFull Bed AccessFull Bed Access
InstallationBolt-on InstallationBolt-on Installation
FinishVinyl top - Glossy finishVinyl top - Matte-Black finish
ConstructionRollup TypeRollup Type
Weight rating400 LBS - evenly distributed400 LBS - evenly distributed
Warranty3 years5 years
Weather ResistanceDrain tubes to channel water out of the bed.Drain tubes to channel water out of the bed but with thicker locks
UV ProtectionUV ResistantUV Resistant
Latching SystemPull Cord typePull Cord Type
Profile of the designLowerHigher
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Shared Features

Tonneau covers “Bak revolver X2” and “Bak revolver X4” are popular products that are used by truck owners to protect cargo. Both of these are top-quality products and carry a number of similar features as detailed below:

General Functionality: Both the covers rely on roll-up principle and have an automatic rotational lock, which secures the cover over the truck bed. Both the covers rely on single-hand operation and have smooth rolling operation. During unfolded condition, both the covers sit flush on the truck bed.

Weight capacity: For some users, the weight capacity matters a lot because the trucks must be used for camping or professional activity, during which some equipment or items have t placed on the cover during the deployed condition. The weight capacity of both the products “Bakrevolver X2” and “Bakrevolver X4”, is the same, which is 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight. This loading capacity is adequate for a normal load of snow built-up over the cover.

Installation: Installation of both the products “Bak revolver X2” and “Bak revolver X4”, is a simple and “no-drill” installation. The installation procedure in both cases requires bolting up of clamping and the process is user-friendly in both cases.

Construction and Design: Panels construction in both the cases “Bak revolver X2” and “Bak revolver X4”, is Aluminum slats with Vinyl overlay. This makes an excellent combination of strength coupled with corrosion and ingress resistance. Both the covers do not obstruct the back view of the driver in folded condition.

Weather Resistance: For both the products, “Bak revolver X2” and “Bak revolver X4”, Vinyl overlay plays an excellent role of guarding against the ingress of and its role against rain and snow. Any water which tries to find its way into the truck bed is channeled to the truck drain using the specifically designed drain tubes



Bakrevolver X2Bakrevolver X4

Glossy finish

Matte finish
Locks good but not a thick as X4
Thicker Locks
Thicker Locks enhance the sealing
3 Years
5 Years
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The decision to go for any of these two covers “Bakrevolver X2” and Bakrevolver X4” depends on the personal choice and usage preferences. Although a lot of features of these two covers are same, however the following would give some decisive difference in the products thus leading the customer to purchase decision.

If the customer has to use this cover mostly during winter months, then “Bakrevolver X4” takes the lead because:

  • X4 has a better latching system design
  • X4 has thicker locks
  • X4 has raised edges at the seals
  • Matte finish works better in the winter months, due to the above two reasons.

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