Bakrevolver X4 vs X4S

Bakrevolver X4 vs X4s

Bakrevolver X4S and Bakrevolver X4 are two leading tonneau covers. Both covers work on “Rollup” principle, which has its own usage ease and operating style.

Bakrevolver X4S is a newer version of Bakrevolver X4 and the manufacturer has improved the product by rectifying some issues. Those issues were a result of manufacturer’s own personnel and the feedbacks obtained from the customers who installed and used this cover.

Below review is a guidance for the customers who are either new users or intend to upgrade from X4 to X4S or who have been struggling with some issues of X4.

Table of specification

FeatureBakrevolver X4Bakrevolver X4S
DesignRolling DesignRolling Design
Panel exteriorAluminum Slats with Vinyl OverlayAluminum Slats with Vinyl Overlay
Slat CapsNot ProvidedProvided
Under PanelsFelt MaterialRubber Like Material
Cover ProfileLow ProfileBetter than X4. Sits 1/8” above the truck bed.
Product Stability at roadMax @30 mphMax 50 mph
Bed AccessFull Bed AccessFull Bed Access
FinishMatte FinishMatte Finish
Weight rating400 LBS - evenly distributed400 LBS. - evenly distributed
Warranty5 years5 years
Water ResistanceWeather Resistant design without any water drain channels.Weather Resistant design without any water drain channels.
Locking SystemPatented rotational locking railsPatented rotational locking rails
Buckle Strap and SealRequires improvementBetter Design
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Shared Features

The purchase decision between two similar products is normally hard to make because almost all the features of the products are same and it is hard to find out the competitive advantage of one product other the other, thus facilitating the purchase decision. Such competitive advantage normally results from either distinct functionality or visual appeal. Below is a brief writeup which tells the similarities between the Bakrevolver X4 and Bakrevolver X4S:

Finish and Construction: Both the covers have black Matte finish, which looks elegant and has certain visual appeal. Both the covers are made up of Aluminum Slats and carry the Vinyl overlay. The Vinyl overlay gives protection to the Aluminum from weather conditions or harsh external factors.

Usage Simplicity in Design: Both the covers use the same “rollup” principle which is different than “folding” action. The rollup style covers are in general easier to operate because the operator does not have to do large hand movements. In that context, both the covers fold and unfold in a similar fashion. When unfolded, both the covers have smartly designed “slam-latch” to ensure the cover locking over the bed.

No Velcro or Snaps: Both the covers have seamless construction and do not have Velcro or Snaps. This makes the folding and unfolding process smooth. This also ensures flush fit of the cover over truck bed, which is a feature required to prevent the ingress of external contaminants into the truck bed.

Bed Access: Both the covers provide 100% bed access, which is a feature required to access the cargo stored on the truck bed and gives complete flexibility of the truck bed space usage. Both the covers also provide back view provision to the truck driver which is an immensely safe feature during driving in the folded-cover condition.

Weather Seal: Bot the covers Bakrevolver X4 and Bakrevolver X4S tonneau covers, have robust weather seals, due to vinyl overlay over aluminum slats. The vinyl overlay covers the gaps, as required, and decreases the possibility of water or outside contaminants ingress inside the truck bed.



Bakrevolver X4Bakrevolver X4S

Under Panels
Felt Material

Under Panels
Rubbery Material
Slat Caps
Not Available
Slat Caps
Available which provides better protection
Seating Profile
Low Profile
Seating Profile
Low Profile but better than X4. Sits 1/8” above bed rails
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“Bakrevolver X4S” is an improved design over “Bakrevolver X4” and gives some extra benefits and slightly increased cost. The improved features are hard to notice briefly therefore the reviewer has gone deeper down and states the improvements in X4S version as below.

Firstly, the under panels of X4 have “felt” whereas the X4S have rubbery material. This difference does matter if truck undergoes extremes of temperatures in which the “felt” tends to get separated out from the panels creating operation problems. Secondly, the company has made slight improvements of buckling the cover, during folded condition, for X4S. Thirdly, if seating profile matters to you then X4S has lower, or better flushed seating profile as compared to X4.

In the end, it boils down to the user preferences and usage scenario, which would guide the user to make a purchase decision between the two competing products.


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