Advantage Tonneau Covers

Advantage Truck Accessories was officially founded October 1, 2002 to build and market soft and folding tonneau covers for a large variety of domestic and foreign pickup trucks, under the brand name TorzaTop. The TorzaTop soft vinyl folding tonneau cover; the ‘original’ folding tonneau cover, and the TorzaTop hard vinyl cover were revealed as the 2006 winner for SEMA’s best new pickup truck/SUV product.

Some tonneau covers are made in China, and some U.S. tonneau cover manufacturers use foreign made parts. Advantage TorzaTop tonneau covers are ALL made in the U.S.A., at their Elkhart, Indiana facility.

Advantage supports all its tonneau covers with a limited lifetime warranty. Advantage also operates with a quality system certified to the ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

Sure Fit Tonneau Covers

We know how important it is for you to place a tonneau cover on your truck. The back of every pick up truck is considered as the most important area to carry and protect your valuables. That’s why it is also essential to look for ways in order to make sure that your truck bed rails will last longer. With this matter, the most dependable product to choose is the Sure-Fit Tonneau Cover!

Sure-Fit tonneau covers are definitely the right choice when you are about to spend for the best protective tool that will look great on your truck and will also provide other helpful ways to increase the capacity of your vehicle. And when it comes to durability and performance, there are no other names you can trust but the Sure-Fit tonneau covers!

Sure-Fit tonneau covers, from the name itself are the most reliable brand of car accessories in the industry. Without any doubt, this company has proven that it is not just their name that is in demand but also the quality of the products they are producing. Sure-Fit really provides tonneau covers that fits well with the construction of your truck. The truck bed looks so fine that you can guarantee to make it look so elegant and powerful enough to carry heavier loads. This provides the best craftsmanship for your specific truck design with the strength and durability similar to fiberglass. An aerodynamic profile that improves the fuel economy of your truck is also a well-known feature of the Sure-Fit tonneau cover. This protective cover serves as a shelter of your valuable against different kinds of weather, dust and rust. Sure-Fit is also a tonneau cover that is backed with warranty and a low price guarantee plus the easy to install process.

For your convenience, here are some of the most significant factors on why you should choose Sure-Fit as the tonneau cover of your truck:

• Sure-FitTM system has spring loaded corners that automatically adjust to changes in weather
• Very easy, no-drill installation
• Attractive black rails
• Lifetime warranty on all components, seven years on the vinyl
• World-class applications and design especially built for different types of truck

With all of these great features of Sure-Fit tonneau covers, truck owners will definitely consider it as one of the excellent auto accessories to add to your most valuable possession, your pick up truck. Where else can you find the best tool to protect your valuables from thieves and other elements as you travel? Only here with Sure-Fit! The best and most luxurious brand in all types of tonneau covers.

We hope that this basic information we provide has informed you well with the great benefits of the Sure-Fit tonneau cover that we offer. For further questions, more advice and other helpful tips, please don’t hesitate to call our customer representatives. We have knowledgeable and polite agents to answer your call with the most accurate information.

Torza Top Tonneau Covers

Having reasonable cost is also the number one feature of this truck cover. The lowest price can assure the buyers that it will not comprise the quality of the material being used in the creation of this important device. Therefore, Torza tonneau covers are definitely considered as necessity to the protection and existence of your truck plus the safety of your valuables.

Here are the types of Torza Tonneau Covers offered in the market. We advise you to look for these products if you really want to have a truck with a cleaner look, more protected and that will last for a lifetime:

  • Torza Top Tonneau Covers – the one with snapless folding tonneaus, using an integrated Cam-locking clamps and a vinal top.
  • Torza Top Premier Tonneau Covers – a design which provides a special treated vinal for a more vintage look.
  • Torza Hard Hat Tonneau Covers – similar to the Torza Top tonneau covers, this one also has a snapless folding tonneau covers, using the integrated Cam-locking clamps and a soft treated vinal top.
  • Torza Top Hard Hat Premier Tonneau Covers – purposely made with another special treatment on the vinal for a vintage looking, soft tonneau cover.
  • Sure-Fit Tonneau Covers – intentionally created for the people who like the old fashioned and reasonably priced snap-on tonnueas.