A review of BAK Industries tonneau covers

BAK Industries is an American company based in Springfield, Missouri that prides itself in designing truck tonneau covers that are geared towards a truck owner’s specific needs. From hard-folding to soft-rolling, BAK carries it all. In this article, we take a look at some of BAK’s more durable products, including the BSKFlip CS contractor rack system and here is what we found.

Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

BAKFlip has a strong reputation when it comes to their line of hard folding tonneau covers. An extensive online search will show just that. Another thing BAKFlip has going for them is their price point. Compared to other companies with similar products on the market, BAKFlip hard folding covers usually range a few hundred dollars less.

BAKFlip F1 Tonneau Cover

The BAKFlip F1 folding tonneau cover panels are constructed of fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP), which is a light-weight and heat-resistant material that holds its own against just about anything you can throw at it. The underside of each of the panels are clad in aluminum for added protection. Finally, the cover is coated in a textured black powder coat for a great look and sleek feel.

The BAKFlip F1 is designed with flush hinges so that the cover can be folded up against the truck’s bulkhead for access to the entire bed. And when the cover is down, it offers great weather and moisture protection for the bed. This protection extends to bed security as well. Just lock the tailgate. The cover can’t be opened unless the tailgate is opened first.

Installation is straightforward, and with a lack of complicated parts, it should take about 30 minutes. There’s no drilling involved, so the cover can be removed without marring your truck.

BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

The BAKFlip MX4 is a folding tonneau cover constructed of aluminum panels. Each panel features a powder-coated matte black finish that sits with a low profile upon the bed rails. EPDM rubber seals at the end caps and along the rails complete the look as well as do a decent job in keeping out water.

Like the BAKFlip F1 the cover folds back to allow full access to the bed and can be driven safely in any position. Durable prop rods support the cover while folded back a dual action tailgate seal allows for closing and opening regardless of the tailgate position.

Installation is similar to the F1, with few parts to deal with. The drawback is that some truck models and bed configurations may require bed drilling to install the drain tubes. This is something that should be researched before purchase.

BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

Following in the footsteps of the MX4 and the F1, the BAKFlip G2 is a folding truck tonneau cover constructed of aircraft grade aluminum panels. But instead of the standard matte-black, the G2 is powder coated gloss black. It mounts flush with your truck bed, and when folded up, it does not interfere with most third-brake lights. You get the same full-bed access, and your truck is drivable no matter what position the cover is in.

EPDM rubber seals and integrated rail channels are designed to keep out rain water, but if not installed with a perfect fit, you may find that this cover leaks a bit more than the other BAKFlip folding covers. But other than that, you should expect the same quality and functionality with the G2 as you would the F1 and MX4.

BAKFlip Fibermax Tonneau Cover

The BAKFlip Fibermax is constructed of three FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) panels, which is lightweight, and highly resistant to scratches and dents that would often occur off-road or on a job site. An aluminum substructure provides added durability. These panels are mounted flush with the bed, so it is as about as low a profile that you can get with a tonneau cover. And it comes in BAKFlip’s standard matte-black finish.

As far as rest is concurred, the BAKFlip Fibermax is very similar to the rest of the hard-folding covers. Same EPDM seals; same integrated water drainage rails. It even functions the same. The only standout difference is the material that the panels are constructed with. The FRP costs a little less, but you give up at least 100 pounds of surface cargo weight load.


BAK Rolling Tonneau Covers

Bak’s take on rolling covers is a little different than the majority of what you’ll find on the market. Their hybrid style and unique locking rail system are the two standout features, which we discuss in these two offerings.

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover

The BAK Revolver X2 is a hard rolling tonneau cover that is designed to give you the best of both the hard folding and soft rolling styles of covers for your truck. It consists of vinyl-lined aluminum slats which are in turn overlaid with a layer of heavy-duty vinyl. It has a low-profile that peeks over the rails of the truck bed and is completed with a vinyl grain finish.

One of the stand-out features of the Revolver X2 is the patented Rotational Locking System that locks the cover to the rails when closed. This system makes for superior weather and moisture protection as well as a major boost in security.

Other features include full bed access when rolled back and heavy-duty straps that keep the cover secure while driving. It even allows for easy use with fifth-wheel towing equipment, so you don’t have to spend any time (or frustration) with uninstalling the cover. Finally, the Revolver X2 has the ability to hold up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight, so the cover is ideal for both work and play.

BAK Revolver X4 Tonneau Cover

Much like the Revolver X2, the BAK Revolver X4 features the same overall aluminum slat and vinyl combination though there are a few differences that make this version both more durable, and a little pricier.

First off is the aluminum itself, BAKFlip claims that is of a higher grade than its counterpart, a theme of which we’ve seen in their line of hard folding covers. This is meant to give the cover added strength and resistance to wear and tear.

The vinyl itself gets an upgrade as well. Instead of the vinyl grain texture, this model comes in matte black, and is a much heavier grade of material to boot. This provides extra durability, cover support, and protection against the elements, including UV rays.

BAK Vortrak Retractable Tonneau Cover

Made from a series of interlocking aluminum slats, the BAK Vortrak truck tonneau cover designed to open and retract with a single pull. Each of the aluminum slats are a half-inch thick, come in powder-coated matte-black, and have a smooth finish that is UV and scratch resistant. The cover itself retracts into a spring-loaded canister at the front of the bed.

When closed, the cover has near to no profile, which makes for a great look, but one of the major drawbacks with a retractable cover is the canister. The canister is mounted inside the bed at the front, which takes up approximately a square foot of space all along the top. While it may not seem like much at first, there may come a time when you need every inch that you can get out of your truck bed. Another disadvantage is the chance of mechanical failure. While we haven’t seen many reports of internal parts failing, there is always the possibility of a broken spring at the worst possible moment.

Otherwise, there are some great things to say about the Vortrak. It’s extremely durable, with the ability to hold up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Its water resistance is right on par with the best covers on the market, and bed security really can’t be beat. The tailgate must be open to retract the cover, so the closed and locked position turns your bed into a huge trunk.

BAKFlip CS Tonneau Cover & Rack

While not a tonneau cover itself, the BAKFlip CS (Contractor Series) rack is meant to be paired with either the F1 or G2 hard folding covers. This rack mounting system is designed to get much more cargo space out of your truck than just the bed itself.

With the ability to hold up to 500 pounds of gear, the BAKFlip CS rack consists of four main parts, a pair of bed rails and a pair of crossbars. The bed rails are integrated with either the F1 or G2, so if you already own one of these covers, you should contact the company before ordering. The crossbars themselves are up and out of the way so that the tonneau cover can operate freely and fold up against the cab without interference. The crossbars will also accommodate a wide range of sliding locks and tie downs so that you can secure ladders, kayaks, or just about anything else for the worksite or campsite.

All in all, the BAKFlip CS is a must have for contactors and outdoor enthusiasts who carry plenty of gear.



BAK offers a wide variety of tonneau covers to suit just about anyone’s truck needs, and each one is priced well against their competition. The overall ease of installation paired with functionality makes BAK a great buy. If we have any complaints about BAK’s line of covers it would be that we’d like to see their warrantees last a few years longer.