Bestop Truck Tonneau Covers

The three most popular styles of Truck Bed Covers by Bestop®, the ZipRail™, EZ Fold™ and the EZ Roll™, all come with a limited lifetime warranty.

When you purchase a new truck from the factory, a safe bet is that if it has a Tonneau Cover, it was made by Bestop. Bestop makes thousands of them for the big truck makers. If you didn’t get a Tonneau Cover with your truck, you can still get one from the factory supplier in any of three styles: the EZ Fold™ is a tri-fold design that’s incredibly simple to deploy and remove. The EZ Roll™ uses integrated bows to make rolling it out of the way a cinch. The ZipRail™ Tonneau Cover line makes use of Bestop’s patented BeltRail™ attachment system.