DiamondBack Tonneau Covers

DiamondBack tonneau cover is another great invention to use as an accessory for sports utility vehicle and ordinary pick up trucks. With the durability and extraordinary uses, DiamondBack tonneau covers are known for its strength that lasts for a lifetime! With the world-class convenience that you rarely see on a usual plastic or leather cover, this is the only one that matches the requirements needed for a tough and sturdy truck.

Unlike your old delivery van which can carry only up to 500-1200 lbs of heavy equipment, this one has the capability to support even the heaviest load of 1600 lbs! Can you imagine that?! We are only talking about the load to be carried on top of the DiamondBack tonneau cover, excluding the load that you will place inside of the covered-off area and in front of the pick-up. Imagine how suitable it can be for you and your business?! It can even be the best partner if you are about to travel the road with so many valuables to bring while having to look for areas where you can place longer and heavier equipments! Really one-of-a-kind and multi-functional! No other tonneau cover has the strength and affordability such as the DiamondBack tonneau cover!

DiamondBack tonneau cover provides the best security for your truck and the valuables inside the cover. The good thing about this very strong, durable and easy to lock tonneau cover is that you can open it in front and back areas due to its foldable and removable panels. So you don’t have to worry about how easy you can get your stuff because wherever you may place it, you can instantly pick it up especially when you’re in a hurry. For this reason, you can also consider your ATV and pick up truck as the best commercial and business solutions!

Here are the two types of DiamondBack cover that you can always depend on:

The DiamondBack HD – Generally known as the strongest truck cover in the industry today! With the durability and toughness of the cover that can withstand even up to 1600 lbs of heavy load, no wonder it is considered as the best! So give all your trust to the kind of tonneau cover that will always take good care of your tools, belongings and equipment. This is the most outstanding type of tailgate cover that won’t tear like vinyl or crack like an ordinary glass and even fade away like the usual leather.

The DiamondBack SE – This second type of tonneau cover also has the complete security for your gear and its only difference to the first type is that it supports a lighter weight on top of the cover weighing only 400 lbs. But of course, we can still guarantee of its superior strength which doubles the durability of a fiberglass. The DiamondBack SE is also considered number one when it comes to security and style. Also, it can be opened in front and back of your tailgate, so the convenience is always there! For the total handiness, you can detach the panels all by yourself and reattach the parts or the entire panel on the vehicle you need to place it.