Fold-A-Cover Tonneau Covers

Fold-A-Cover tonneau cover signifies the type of tailgate cover which can be folded into four identical panels. Each part has the new cast lock and rotary latch actuator assembly which ensures the safest lock to secure your valuables inside the tailgate. Fold-a-cover also has this double bitted automotive type keys which are so unique making it so hard for the thieves to open.

Three important features can be remembered when using a Fold-A-Cover tonneau cover: versatility, very secured lockable panels and an easy access to your valuables. With these three vital roles of a tonneau cover, any pick up will turn out to be a fully geared truck to support any heavy-duty commercial functions!

This extraordinary tailgate add-on has the ability to be locked at the back or front panel. It is so easy to install and will definitely stay in place no matter how heavy or big the load may be. Once you install it to your pick up truck, you will love its new look, style and performance! This is simply the most convenient way to synchronize driving with other functions. You now have the best partner to execute all your daily responsibilities for business, house duties and other commercial purposes!

For your information, here are some of the best features that you can get from using Fold-A-Cover tonneau covers:

• Comes with an all-new rotary latch actuator
• Toughest and most unique construction
• Easy to open panels
• Double bitted key for extra security
• Eye-catching with its low-profile and aerodynamic design
• Light-weight yet so durable with its aluminum and stainless steel construction
• Can withstand different types of weather, rust and corrosion
• Has the most original mounting system plus the patented four-panel design
• Has an available design for domestic and import pick up trucks
• Perfect for smooth travel with its stacked or closed position
• 15% improvement for gas mileage
• Gives the most trouble-free access to all valuables or cargo
• Has a neutral black finish making your truck look so elegant and fully-equipped!

So eliminate all the hassles of drilling and hauling! Try something new and unique in the sense! Don’t compromise the quality of your tonneau cover with the price that is so unreasonable!