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Best Tonneau Covers For Chevy Silverado

Best Tonneau Covers For Chevy Silverado

A tonneau cover represents a stylish way of protecting your cargo. Not only does it protect the cargo from the elements and potential uninvited guests, but it also manages to provide a slight bump in fuel efficiency. Finding the right cover for your Chevrolet Silverado, however, might be a daunting task. This is why our list of the best tonneau covers for Chevy Silverado might come in handy.


Best Tonneau Covers for Chevy Silverado: Reviews & Recommendations

TruXedo TruXport – Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Brand: TruXedo
Finish: Leather grain
Material: Vinyl
Warranty: 5-year
Weight capacity: N/A
Type: Soft roll-up cover
Price: Check Price

Available for all modern and classic Chevy Silverado models, the TruXedo TruXport can be seen as the only tonneau cover a Chevy truck owner might ever need. Provided he’s looking for a soft roll-up cover, that is.

The TruXport’s leather grain vinyl material makes it flexible, stylish, and rigid enough to withstand a few inches of snow. It supports all three Silverado cab configurations, is easy to install, and, most importantly, allows full access to the cab.

Where the TruXport doesn’t shine is its design. Sitting atop the bed rails, it blocks the stake pocket holes and limits the use of accessories that need them. Moreover, some customers have found it hard to align with the truck bed, leading to potential rough edges around the corners that could lead to water ingress.


Tyger Auto T3 – Soft Folding Tonneau Cover

Brand: Tyger Auto
Finish: Dual-coated
Material: Vinyl
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty (US only)
Weight capacity: 100 lbs
Type: Soft tri-fold cover
Price: Check Price

The Tyger Auto T3 is available across a wide range of Chevy Silverado models. It can be ordered for all three bed configurations, depending on availability.

Made out of marine-grade vinyl and reinforced by aircraft-grade aluminum frames, the T3 represents one of the best bangs for the buck on the market. It’s flexible and strong enough to withstand up to 100 pounds of weight at the same time.

Like every product, however, the Tyger Auto T3 comes with shortcomings of its own. Due to its tri-fold design, it typically leaves one part of the bed inaccessible from the top. Moreover, getting a proper seal might be tricky around the edges, but that’s unavoidable with soft covers.


BAK BAKFlip MX4 – Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Brand: BAK
Finish: Glossy or Matte
Material: Aluminum
Warranty: 5-year
Weight capacity: 400 lbs
Type: Hard folding cover
Price: Check Price

The BAK BAKFlip MX4 hard folding tonneau cover supports all three bed configurations across most modern and classic Chevy Silverados. It doesn’t support modern applications with the CarbonPro bed, however.

This hard folding cover made of aluminum can be ordered either with a glossy or matte finish, depending on your preferences. It folds four times but doesn’t limit access to the bed since it can be folded in an upright position next to the cab. Being a hard cover, it’s naturally capable of supporting more weight than its soft counterparts (400 lbs), and a 5-year warranty is a nice addition too.

The MX4’s design will force you to choose between full bed access and rear window visibility, though. Some reviewers note that its opening cable latch system gives out way too soon due to its poor quality. 

Update: for more details, read our Bakflip MX4 review


GatorTrax Tonneau Cover – Retractable Tonneau Cover

Brand: GatorTrax
Finish: Matte
Material: Aluminum-reinforced polycarbonate
Warranty: 1-year
Weight capacity: 175 lbs
Type: Hard sliding cover
Price: Check Price

The GatorTrax tonneau cover fits most Chevy Silverados. For an extra $83, it even supports modern applications with a new body style and CarbonPro bed. However, it doesn’t support the longest 8-foot bed configs. 

Being a hard sliding cover, the GatorTrax offers arguably the best flexibility among all tonneau covers on this list. It can be locked in any position along the rails, leaving bed access on per requirement basis. It’s also great at protecting your cargo from the elements by providing a tight seal at all times.

The downsides are lower weight capacity for a hard cover and a short warranty. Couple that with reports of poor longevity of the polycarbonate material, and you get a tonneau cover that might not be the best fit for everyone.


UnderCover Elite LX – One-Piece Tonneau Cover

Brand: UnderCover 
Finish: Factory-matching color
Material: ABS composite
Warranty: 1-year on parts and lifetime on paint and structure
Weight capacity: 500 lbs
Type: Hard one-piece cover
Price: Check Price

The UnderCover Elite LX only supports the two shorter Chevy Silverado bed configurations, somewhat limiting its list of supported applications.

The UnderCover Elite LX is probably the most stylish tonneau cover money can buy. Not only does it feature a streamlined ABS composite-built design, but a factory-matching color to boot as well. It also features a carpet headliner and removable LED lighting system, giving the inside of the bed a premium feel.

The biggest drawback of the Elite LX is its hinged opening solution, which always leaves one part of the bed inaccessible. It also sits atop the bed rails, blocking the stake pocket holes in the process.

Update: for more details, read our UnderCover Elite LX review.


BAK Revolver X4s – Hard Roll-up Tonneau Cover

Brand: BAK 
Finish: Matte
Material: Industrial-grade vinyl
Warranty: 5-year
Weight capacity: 400 lbs
Type: Hard roll-up cover
Price: Check Price

The BAK Revolver X4s can be ordered with all three Chevrolet Silverado bed configurations and works with or without the MultiPro/Flex tailgate.

This tonneau cover’s industrial-grade vinyl composition with aluminum underbody allows it to be equally sturdy and flexible. The ability to roll up also allows it to provide full access to the truck’s bed and the stake pocket holes. Its strap and buckle system allows it to remain securely locked in place even while driving, while the automatic latch can be released from either side of the bed.

We’ve found it to be of subpar quality, depending on the batch, however. Some reviewers have complained about getting the cover with manufacturing defects. Neither of these issues is acceptable considering the X4s’s premium price tag.

Update: for more details, read our BAK Revolver X4S review.


DIAMONDBACK HD – Heavy Duty Tonneau Cover


Finish: Diamond-plate
Material: Heavy-duty aluminum
Warranty: 3 years on the finish and limited lifetime on structure
Weight capacity: 1,600 lbs
Type: Hard heavy-duty cover
Price: Check Price

The DIAMONDBACK HD tonneau cover can be ordered with Chevrolet pickup trucks of all three bed configurations.

This heavy-duty tonneau cover is the sturdiest among all listed models and can support up to 1,600 pounds of weight. It boasts a heavy-duty aluminum construction with a diamond-plate finish in black or aluminum. Some of its features are a special locking mechanism that keeps potential burglars at bay and a neoprene perimeter gasket that does the same with the elements.

No matter how you open it up, the DIAMONDBACK HD limits the bed access in the middle which is fixed. Its sturdiness also comes with a price and not just a literal one, as added weight can play a role in lower fuel efficiency.


How to Choose the Best Tonneau Cover for Chevy Silverado

Types of tonneau covers

When it comes to tonneau covers, there are several different types available, each offering its own set of advantages.

  1. Roll-Up Tonneau Covers: These covers feature a roll-up design, allowing easy access to your truck bed. They are typically made of vinyl or fabric materials and are secured using a series of straps or fasteners. Roll-up covers are lightweight, affordable, and offer versatility by providing partial or full access to the truck bed.

  2. Folding Tonneau Covers: Folding tonneau covers consist of multiple panels that fold back to provide access to the bed. They offer excellent security and weather protection while allowing you to access your cargo easily. Folding covers are often made from durable materials like aluminum or fiberglass, providing enhanced durability and aesthetics.

  3. Retractable Tonneau Covers: These covers offer a sleek and streamlined appearance while providing easy access to your truck bed. Retractable covers are typically constructed with aluminum slats or heavy-duty vinyl that can be retracted into a canister at the front or rear of the bed. They offer excellent security and weather protection.

  4. Hinged Tonneau Covers: Hinged tonneau covers provide a traditional look and functionality. They are hinged at the back of the truck bed and can be lifted up for access. These covers are usually made from fiberglass or aluminum, offering durability and protection against the elements.

Features to Look Out For

When selecting a tonneau cover for your Chevy Silverado, it’s essential to consider the following features:

  1. Material: The material of the tonneau cover plays a crucial role in its durability, weather resistance, and aesthetics. Common materials include vinyl, fabric, aluminum, and fiberglass. Choose a material that suits your needs and climate conditions.

  2. Security: Consider the level of security the tonneau cover provides. Look for covers with sturdy locks or latches to keep your cargo safe from theft. Some covers also have built-in locking mechanisms that secure the cover at multiple points.

  3. Installation and Ease of Use: Opt for tonneau covers that are easy to install and operate. Some covers require professional installation, while others can be easily installed with basic tools. Choose a cover that suits your comfort level and preferences.

  4. Weather Resistance: Ensure the tonneau cover you choose offers effective protection against the elements, such as rain, snow, and UV rays. Look for covers with weather seals and drainage systems to prevent water from entering the truck bed.

  5. Warranty: Look for tonneau covers that come with a warranty to protect your investment. A warranty provides peace of mind and covers any potential manufacturing defects or damage.


<h3 “>Chevy Silverado bed and cab combinations

Here is a list of the available Chevy Silverado bed and cab combinations and bed dimensions.

Chevy Silverado bed and cab combinations

Chevy Silverado 1500

Make / ModelYear RangeManufacturer's Cab Size TermUniversal Cab Size TermManufacturer's Bed Style / Size TermUniversal Bed Style / Size TermApprox Inside Bed LengthInside bed width (at cab)Inside bed width (at tailgate)
Chevy Silverado 15001999 2002Regular CabRegularShortShort77.50"63.69"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15001999 2002Regular CabRegularSportsideSportside77.63"49.06"49.06"
Chevy Silverado 15001999 2002Regular CabRegularLongLong96.63"63.69"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15001999 2002Extended CabExtendedShortShort77.50"63.69"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15001999 2002Extended CabExtendedSportsideSportside77.63"49.06"49.06"
Chevy Silverado 15001999 2002Extended CabExtendedLongLong96.63"63.69"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002003 2006Regular CabRegularShortShort77.50"63.69"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002003 2006Regular CabRegularSportsideSportside77.63"49.06"49.06"
Chevy Silverado 15002003 2006Regular CabRegularLongLong96.63"63.69"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002003 2006Extended CabExtendedShortShort77.50"63.69"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002003 2006Extended CabExtendedSportsideSportside77.63"49.06"49.06"
Chevy Silverado 15002003 2006Extended CabExtendedLongLong96.63"63.69"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002004* 2006Crew CabCrewExtrashortExtrashort68.13"63.19"61.75"
Chevy Silverado 15002007 2013Regular CabRegularShortShort77.5"63.63"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002007 2013Regular CabRegularLongLong96.63"63.63"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002007 2013Extended CabExtendedExtrashortExtrashort68.0"63.63"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002007 2013Extended CabExtendedShortShort77.5"63.63"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002007 2013Extended CabExtendedLongLong96.63"63.63"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002007 2013Crew CabCrewExtrashortExtrashort68.0"63.63"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002007 2013Crew CabCrewShortShort77.5"63.63"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002007 2013Crew CabCrewLongLong96.63"63.63"62.0"
Chevy Silverado 15002014 2015Regular CabRegularStandardShort69.33"62.33"62.33"
Chevy Silverado 15002014 2015Regular CabRegularLongLong97.8"62.33"62.33"
Chevy Silverado 15002014 2015Double CabExtendedStandardShort78.87"62.33"62.33"
Chevy Silverado 15002014 2015Crew CabCrewShortExtrashort69.33"62.33"62.33"
Chevy Silverado 15002014 2015Crew CabCrewStandardShort78.87"62.33"62.33"
Chevy Silverado 15002014 2015Crew CabCrewLongLong97.8"62.33"62.33"


Our Verdict

Of all the listed covers, in our humble opinion, the best tonneau cover for Chevy Silverado is BAK BAKFlip MX4. It’s tough enough to support the extra weight and remain functional for quite a while. It also supports all bed configurations and features a convenient folding design. A budget option would be the TruXedo TruXport, which is another nicely rounded truck bed cover of softer persuasion.


About the author

David Patterson

Our editor, who brings a wealth of experience in tonneau covers and truck accessories sales to our editorial team. With over a decade in the industry, David has a deep understanding of the products and a knack for helping customers find the perfect fit for their trucks.


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  • Could you please recommend tonneau covers for my Chevy Silverado that are easy to remove or fold, allowing me to accommodate larger cargo when necessary

    • There are several tonneau covers designed with versatility in mind, including folding, rolling, and retractable options. These covers can be conveniently removed or folded without the need to remove the rails, usually taking just a few minutes. This flexibility allows you to create space for larger cargo as needed.

      If you’re specifically interested in tonneau covers that can be removed without requiring tools, here are a few examples:

      Truxedo Sentry (Hard Rolling): This cover is equipped with two clips at the cab side, making removal a straightforward process.

      TruXedo Lo Pro (Soft Cover): The TruXedo Lo Pro features a quick-release system that simplifies the removal process.

      Tonnopro Covers (Hard Folding): These covers can be entirely removed within minutes without the need for any tools, offering added convenience.

  • I’ve been looking into tonneau covers and noticed they come with different types of locks. Can you provide more information about these locking options and highlight their advantages and disadvantages?

    • Tonneau covers come equipped with various locking mechanisms, including manual latches, key-operated locks, and remote-controlled systems. Each of these options has its own set of benefits and drawbacks when it comes to security and user-friendliness. To assist you in making an informed choice, we suggest starting by identifying the specific type of tonneau cover you’re interested in. In the near future, we’ll be publishing a detailed article that breaks down these locking options for you.

  • I’m looking for a tonneau cover for my Silverado 1500, but I already have a toolbox installed. Can you recommend tonneau covers that are compatible with toolboxes or provide some solutions?

    • There are several tonneau covers designed to be compatible with toolboxes, offering a practical solution for your situation. Here are a few options to consider:

      Extang Trifecta Toolbox 2.0 Tonneau Cover: This is a soft tri-fold cover that pairs seamlessly with toolboxes.

      Extang Solid Fold Toolbox 2.0 Tonneau Cover: Similar to the Trifecta, this cover offers a hard folding design and is tailored to work with toolboxes.

      ACCESS® TOOLBOX EDITION: This is a roll-up tonneau cover specifically engineered to accommodate toolboxes.