Gator EFX vs Bakflip MX4

The below review has been done, keeping in view the shortfalls of the existing passive reviews and has been based on the first-hand information available from the following:

  • Product Features with interpretation
  • Customer Reviews (video as well as documented sources)
  • Technical and Operational assessment

The analysis starts with a priority-wise, listing of technical characteristics of both the products, then moves towards similarities and differences between the two products, and finally ends at an in-depth conclusive review. Hopefully, the below approach becomes a trendsetter and would assist in making the right purchase decision, for all future customers.


Table of specification

FeatureGator EFXBakflip MX4
Panel exteriorAircraft Grade AluminumIndustrial Grade Aluminum
Panel frameAluminumAluminum
Panel coreNonePremium Density Foam
Bed Access2/3 Bed AccessFull Bed Access
InstallationBolt-on InstallationBolt-on Installation
Tailgate sealFlap SealDual-action seal
FinishSemi-Gloss BlackMatte-Black
LookLow Profile AppearanceLow Profile Appearance
Cover TypeHard CoverHard Cover
Scratch ProtectionScratch ResistantScratch Resistant
ConstructionSemi Flush ConstructionCompletely Flush Construction
Weight rating300 LBS - evenly distributed400 LBS - evenly distributed
SealEPDM Rubber SealsEPDM Rubber Seals
HingeEPDM rubberEPDM rubber
Warranty3 years5 years
Water ResistanceBuilt-in rails channel water out of the bedBuilt-in rails channel water out of the bed
UV ProtectionUV ResistantUV Resistant
Remote PoweringNot AvailableNot Available
Latching SystemPull Cord typePull Cord Type
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


Shared Features

It is good to know the similarities and differences between the two products before making a purchase decision. As mentioned in the introduction, both the tonneau covers, Gator EFX and Bakflip MX4, have a common function to perform, therefore some of the features of both are completely identical as mentioned below:

Construction: Both the Gator EFX and Bakflip MX4 covers are made in the USA and constructed from heavy-duty aluminum panels with built-in scratch resistance. Both the covers are constructed with foldable panels and feature a low-profile appearance.

The Latching System: Both the Gator EFX and Bakflip MX4 systems rely on the same automatic latching system to secure them in place. Each of these products uses a latch that locks the cover in position when the panel is closed. To open the cover, the string latch needs to be pulled to fold the cover toward the truck cab to open it to access the cargo. When the cover is folded back to shut it, the panels automatically latch into place.

Water Resistance: Each of these two cover systems comes with a protective layer designed to help repel water during rainstorms, working to keep the bed of the truck dry. Water that rolls toward the rail system holding the covers in position runs down through a set of drain tubes, redirecting it away from the interior of the truck bed.

Installation system: Each of the Gator EFX and Bakflip MX4 tonneau covers, get installed with clamping rails that don’t require any drilling or special measures to to get those in place. Simply, the clamps need to be tightened into position and the cover top needs to be locked to the rails for the installation process. Both the covers can be installed on the vehicle within one hour. Both the covers require a connection of the cover drainage pipe to the truck bed drainage via a simple connection.



Gator EFXBAKFlip MX4

Black Powder Coat

Textured Matte-finish
Panel Construction
Aluminum Panels with NO core material
Panel Construction
Aluminum Panels with premium density foam core
Tailgate Seal
The cover uses a flap seal at the tailgate. To ensure proper water resistance, the cover should be closed after the tailgate is shut. The seal is semi-flush type. The seal is NOT Absolutely leakage free.
Tailgate Seal
The dual-action tailgate seal allows to operate the tailgate independently of the tonneau cover. The seal is fully flush type. The seal IS reasonably leakage-free.
Bed Access
2/3 Bed Access
Bed Access
Full Bed Access
Weight Capacity
300 LBS - evenly distributed
Weight Capacity
400 LBS. - evenly distributed
3 Years
5 Years
Check PriceCheck Price


Update: for more details, read our Bakflip MX4 review



In the case of tonneau covers, the main purchase intent is the ability to protect the cargo from rain, snow, etc. Other goals like aesthetics, ease of installation, and ease of operation is important but not the main criteria.

Although the panels of the Gator EFX have better scratch resistance, keeping in view the main goal of these tonneau covers, which is cargo protection from rain, snow, etc., it is concluded that “Gator EFX” IS NOT able to do the main job efficiently. Its seals start to leak especially after a few months of service. If the seals start leaking, then even though the cover is cheaper, does not matter. The reason of leakage through Gator EFX is the inefficient “flap-type” seal.


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