How to Break into a Snap Tonneau Cover

Step 1: Grab a corner.

Step 2: Pull.

It’s that simple. As you can tell, when picking out a tonneau cover for your truck, we recommend snap being the LAST style of tonneau to choose from. With so many options at the same (or near the same) price point as a snap tonneau cover, why would you even buy one?

It’s not just the lack of security. We know all soft tonneau covers are a little more vulnerable to burglars than their harder cousins, but just to operate a snap over is such a hassle when you compare it to a folding tonneau cover or even a roll-up version. There’s anywhere from 35-45 snaps built-in. I’ve used a snap for many years and know the feeling when you get all the way to the last snap and you’re missing one. As if a snap fell off the rail. All that means is you skipped a snap down the line and you have to pull up the whole cover to find where you made the mistake.

Saving money used to be an acceptable excuse to buy a snap tonneau cover, but not anymore. Many companies are releasing folding covers at a fraction of what they used to cost, bringing them into the budget snap cover range. There is officially no reason to go with snap now that there are other options for nearly the same price.

Remember: If you want security, go with a hard tonneau cover. If you want something that is light and affordable, go with a soft roll-up tonneau cover or a soft-folding tonneau cover. You won’t regret it.

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