Best Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Starting Under $200

Best Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

If you are the kind of truck owner that values good looks and ease of use over the security of what’s inside your truck bed, then a tonneau roll-up cover might be for you. Not everyone needs to lock up their truck bed as if it were Fort Knox. That can get expensive.

Even so, there is at least one roll-up tonneau cover that offers a surprising amount of security. Besides, all of the tonneau covers we review here are nice-looking and add a touch of class to your truck.

Here is a quick rundown of the models

Gator ETX - Best valueGood materials, solid construction. Comes with adjustable tension controls so that your tonneau cover is taut and flat in all weather conditionsFor the money, there is not much wrong with this one. That’s why it is judged best valueGreat value, with all the right features in a roll-up tonneau coverCheck Price
TruXedo TruXport - Best overallGood materials and rolls up in minutes. If you are into roll-up tonneau covers, this is one to check outThe inch-and-a-half side rails on this model might cause clearance problems if you tow a fifth wheel with your truckNice features, looks good. Does everything that you’d want of a roll-up tonneau cover. Nice, sleek lookCheck Price
BAK Revolver X4s - Most secureInterlocking aluminum frame turns this into a hardtop roll-up tonneau cover. Supports 400 lbs. Looks great. A real traffic stopperFreezing temperatures can make this one difficult to roll upIf you’re looking for the ease of a roll-up tonneau cover but the security you can get from a tri-fold, and you want to spend the extra money, this is the choice.Check Price


Best Roll-Up Tonneau Covers: Reviews & Recommendations

TYGER Auto T1 

BRAND: Tyger
FINISH: Soft-textured black
MATERIAL: Marine-grade 24 oz. vinyl tarp
WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty for US customers
PRICE: Check Price

For an entry-level tonneau cover, the Tyger T1 is a great purchase. The tonneau cover adheres to Velcro strips that run down a track on either side of your truck bed on easily installed rails. The cover is pulled tight with an an-easy-to-adjust tension system (even the best tonneau covers shrink or expand depending on the weather). Your cover is tight and flat every time.

The Tyger T1 has two aluminum crossbars as part of the cover, giving a slight arch to the tonneau cover. This prevents any pooling of water in rainy and snowy conditions.

For an entry-level, there is another surprise: the rear rail of the Tyger T1 tonneau cover is released by cable pulls. They are easy to use and you don’t have to reach for anything or move cargo out of the way (like you might have to do with clamps). Those cable-pull releases are also inaccessible unless you lower the tailgate, so with a locking tailgate, that’s almost enough to make a thief move onto the next truck.
The tonneau cover itself is tailored from marine-grade vinyl. The textured black finish holds up well to the elements. When the cover is rolled up against the bulkhead you have almost full access to the bed. Even better, the Velcro strip on either side of the cover acts as a guide so that you know you’re rolling it up the correct way.

The Tyger T1 is made in China (if that is a consideration). There have been problems with the stitching on either side of the cover. It can wear out quickly. If you have that problem, remember to use that limited lifetime warranty available to all US purchasers.


Gator ETX 

BRAND: Gator
FINISH: Leather-grain textured
MATERIAL: Industrial-grade vinyl
WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty, 10-years on the cover itself.
PRICE: Check Price

This one gets a little confusing because Gator has two tonneau covers under the ETX name. The difference is that one is a roll-up, and the other is a tri-fold. Make sure you know what you are ordering. You might think you are ordering one and you get the other.

Everything else about the roll-up version of this tonneau cover is much the same as the tri-fold, in that it brings the same quality and value for your money. The Gator roll-up tonneau cover is made from heavy-duty vinyl, with aluminum side rails secured by latches. Installation is drill free. The cover itself unrolls and fastens along the Velcro strip inside the side rail. Snap the cover into place at the end of the rail.
When it comes time to release the Gator ETX roll-up, simply pull down on the driver’s side trigger latch just inside the tailgate. The cover comes with adjustable tension controls so that your tonneau cover is taut and flat in all weather conditions.

When the Gator ETX is fully rolled up, fasten it in place with the two hook-and-loop clamps. Drive away, unconcerned about the cover flapping loose, and enjoy full access to your truck bed.


TruXedo TruXport 

BRAND: TruXedo
FINISH: Soft-textured, leather-like black
MATERIAL: Leather-like vinyl
WARRANTY: 5-year warranty
PRICE: Check Price

Our experience with the TruXedo Truxport tonneau cover is that it is a true value at this price point. Once you install the side rails, the cover rolls out, fastening firmly on both sides, held in place with some of the best industrial-grade Velcro we’ve ever seen. Tensioners outfitted with springs and adjustable nuts ensure that your TruXedo TruXport fits tight, regardless of the weather.

The TruXport rolls out and rolls back up in a matter of minutes. When fully extended, the cover latches and unlatches at both ends. Flip both latches, and the cover is free. When rolled up, it creates almost no obstruction as you look out the back window of your cab. Thanks to the two hook-and-loop style straps, you also don’t have to worry about your tonneau cover flapping in the wind, and you have access to almost the entire truck bed.

The tonneau cover itself is cut from high-grade vinyl with a soft, textured, leather-like finish. It stays good-looking and pliable for years, especially with the application of one of the many preservatives on the market.

Installation of this tonneau cover takes 30 to 45 minutes, and once you’ve done it a few times, it becomes second nature.

The rails of the TruXport raise the profile of your truck bed by about an inch-and-a-half. The downside of this is that it might cause a clearance problem if you tow a fifth wheel with your truck. But like we said, uninstalling the entire unit is effortless.


TruXedo Lo Pro

BRAND: TruXedo
FINISH: Soft-textured, leather-like black
MATERIAL: High-grade vinyl
WARRANTY: 5-year warranty
PRICE: Check Price

The next step up in the TruXedo line is the Truxedo Lo Pro. This is a more low-profile tonneau cover, extending a mere three-quarters of an inch above the top of the truck bed sides.

One of the more interesting features of the Lo Pro is that the front rail, which anchors the tonneau cover, is attached by two sliding clamps. If you need to remove the Lo Pro tonneau cover, you can do so in seconds by sliding these clamps. And you don’t have to worry about accidental detachment. TruXedo engineers built in just the right amount of resistance. Apply firm pressure and they release, but not so little that they might pull loose in a stiff wind or as you are loading cargo.

The tonneau itself is a sleek piece of high-grade vinyl. It unrolls quickly and fastens down to the hook-n-loop Velcro strips. The back rail of the Lo Pro is meant to fit right into the side rails and clamp down, pulling the tonneau cover taut and flat. This gives the Lo Pro a very sleek look when it is fully extended.

One of the challenges of the Lo Pro is that the side rails extend into the bed of your truck as opposed to resting on top, costing you five to six inches of bed width. The other issue is that the stitching at the corners of the cover often unravels after a few years. You need to watch if this is an issue on your truck and take advantage of the warranty if needed.


BAK Revolver X4S

FINISH: Soft-textured, leather-like black, with an integrated aluminum frame
MATERIAL: High-grade vinyl
WARRANTY: 5-year warranty
PRICE: Check Price

The BAK Revolver X4S is a roll-up tonneau cover, but thanks to some great engineering, BAK has incorporated an interlocking aluminum frame under the heavy-duty vinyl top. How good is the engineering? The BAK X4S is the only roll-up tonneau cover we’ve encountered where the manufacturer recommends you use a torque wrench for the installation.

The result is a roll-up tonneau cover that supports 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. This means that those killer hail storms pose little threat to the Revolver X4S. And when it comes to thieves who want to slash through the vinyl … not gonna happen.

But despite this study construction, the Revolver earns its name because that interlocking frame we mentioned earlier allows it to roll up on itself in the same fashion as most other roll-up tonneau covers. Secured up against the back window of your truck cab, it is a little bulkier than the softer roll-up tonneau covers, but vision out the rearview window is unhindered.

This design also allows for easy installation and removal if you need it.

Here is where the BAK X4S excels. Activate the cable pull latch at the back and it rolls up quickly and compactly. That makes it easier than a tri-fold when it comes to getting access to the bed, but you still get that 400 lb. weight capacity and added security.

If you live in an area where the temperature frequently drops below freezing in the winter and your truck is parked outside, the Revolver X4S can get stiff and difficult, if not impossible, to roll up. As soon as it warms up, though, the roll-up capabilities come right back.

Update: for more details, read our BAK Revolver X4S review here.


Final verdict

Best budget
The Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll-Up wins for an affordable, entry-level, roll-up tonneau cover. It is good-looking and functional for a very low price. The extra engineering and convenience of the cable-pull latches, even at the low price point, make this model a special joy to have on your truck.

Best value
The Gator ETX roll-up is worth a little bit of extra money, making it a real value. Adjustable tension controls keep it taut, flat, and good-looking all the time.

Best overall
The TruXedo Truxport is a dependable product with lots of brand awareness, and it looks good.

Most secure
The interlocking aluminum underframe of the tonneau cover technically makes the BAK Revolver X4S a roll-up, but if a thief tries to punch through this with a utility knife or jackknife, they’ll only get a broken blade for their efforts. Especially when rolled up, this cover is distinctive looking and starts many a conversation.