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Best Tonneau Covers for Toyota Tundra

A tonneau cover provides many useful perks for your truck, with the most notable being protection from snow, water, and dirt, as well as protection from potential thieves. Finding the right tonneau cover for your Toyota Tundra can be a tough ask due to the sheer number of different options on the market. We’ll try to help you with that task by providing information about some of the most prolific choices.

Best Tonneau Covers for Toyota Tundra: Reviews & Recommendations

TruXedo TruXport – Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Brand: TruXedo
Finish: Leather grain
Material: Vinyl
Warranty: 5-year
Weight capacity: N/A
Type: Soft roll-up cover
Price: Check Price

The TruXedo TruXport soft roll-up tonneau cover can be ordered with all three Toyota Tundra bed configurations. Likewise, it fits with or without Trail Special Edition storage boxes.

It’s one of the most well-rounded soft tonneau covers that’s easy to install and use. This roll-up cover boasts a durable hook and loop latching system for ease of access. Its vinyl fabric is durable enough to withstand a few inches of snow, and if set up properly, to keep the water and dirt out with ease.

Since it sits atop the cargo bed and rails, the TruXport also blocks the stake pocket holes and impedes the use of other accessories. Some buyers have also found it challenging to properly install it, leading to potential issues with the elements.

Tyger Auto T3 – Soft Folding Tonneau Cover

Brand: Tyger Auto
Finish: Dual-coated
Material: Vinyl
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty (US only)
Weight capacity: 100 lbs
Type: Soft tri-fold cover
Price: Check Price

One of the budget options, the T3 doesn’t support the Toyota Tundra Trail Special Edition’s storage boxes. Likewise, it can’t be ordered with the 8.1-foot bed configurations either.

The Tyger Auto T3 tri-fold cover represents one of the best budget tonneau cover options. It’s a no-nonsense easy-to-use option that can withstand up to 100 pounds of weight and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Its dual-coated vinyl is tear-resistant and kept in place by clamps and latches.

Soft covers tend to be tricky to mount properly, and the Tyger Auto T3 is no different. It also leaves one-third of the cargo bed inaccessible from the top due to its tri-fold design. Moreover, it sits atop the bed rails and blocks the stake pocket holes in the process.

BAK BAKFlip MX4 – Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Brand: BAK
Finish: Matte or glossy
Material: Aluminum
Warranty: 5-year
Weight capacity: 400 lbs
Type: Hard folding cover
Price: Check Price

Available in most Toyota Tundra configurations (doesn’t support the largest bed), the BAK BAKFlip MX4 can work with or without the deck rail system.

It’s an improvement over more accessible soft covers. This hard folding tonneau cover is made of aluminum and can withstand up to 400 pounds of weight. It also provides full bed access despite being a folding cover since it can be tucked away alongside the cabin’s rear window. The MX4 also provides a generous 5-year warranty that shouldn’t be overlooked in today’s market.

The downside of having free bed access is the lack of rear window vision. Aside from this optional drawback, the BAKFlip MX4 sports a lower-quality opening system, according to some customers. We’ve also found that BAK’s quality control tends to leave a lot of things desired at times.

Update: for more details, read our Bakflip MX4 review

GatorTrax Tonneau Cover – Retractable Tonneau Cover

Brand: GatorTrax
Finish: Matte
Material: Aluminum-reinforced polycarbonate
Warranty: 1-year
Weight capacity: 175 lbs
Type: Hard sliding cover
Price: Check Price

The GatorTrax hard sliding tonneau cover can’t be ordered with the largest truck bed, but it does work with or without Toyota’s deck rail system. It will not support the factory storage boxes.

The best thing about the GatorTrax hard sliding cover is that it can be locked in any position along the rails, giving it more flexibility than most tonneau covers can provide. It’s also sturdy since it’s made from aluminum-reinforced polycarbonate. While its storage canister does take some room in the cargo bed, the canister’s low-profile design makes sure that the lost space is minimal.

The downsides of the GatorTrax tonneau cover are its subpar weight capacity and barely acceptable 1-year warranty. Especially since a lot of reviewers claim that the cover tends to start cracking only a few years into the ownership.

UnderCover Elite LX – One-Piece Tonneau Cover

Brand: UnderCover 
Finish: Factory-matching color
Material: ABS composite
Warranty: 1-year on parts and lifetime on paint and structure
Weight capacity: 500 lbs
Type: Hard one-piece cover
Price: Check Price

A rare one-piece option for the Toyota Tundra won’t work with the Trail Special Edition storage boxes or the longest bed configuration. It can be ordered with pretty much every other Tundra configuration.

The UnderCover Elite LX is arguably the most stylish tonneau cover you can buy for your Toyota Tundra. It features a one-piece design with a factory-matching color scheme that feels like a natural extension of the truck. The cover provides a tight seal and protection from theft and elements. Moreover, it’s capable of withstanding up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

Aside from its premium price tag and weight, the biggest downside of the UnderCover Elite LX is its opening mechanism. Since it opens like a liftgate, the one-piece cover never provides full access to the bed.

Update: for more details, read our UnderCover Elite LX review.

BAK Revolver X4s – Hard Roll-up Tonneau Cover

Brand: BAK 
Finish: Matte
Material: Industrial-grade vinyl
Warranty: 5-year
Weight capacity: 400 lbs
Type: Hard roll-up cover
Price: Check Price

A tonneau cover that can be had with two shorter Toyota Tundra bed configurations and deck rail system. It still doesn’t support the Trail Special Edition storage boxes.

The BAK Revolver X4s is a hard roll-up cover which means that it offers the ease of access and practicality of a roll-up cover and the durability of a hard cover. A 5-year warranty and up to 400 pounds of weight capacity are nice feats as well. AN automatic latching system enables ease of release from both sides of the bed.

Although the Revolver X4s does a lot of things right, BAK’s quality control seems to be lacking. We’ve found that the X4s tends to be delivered with factory defects on occasion. Also, a few customers didn’t find it up to their expectations.

Update: for more details, read our BAK Revolver X4S review.

DIAMONDBACK HD – Heavy Duty Tonneau Cover


Finish: Diamond-plate
Material: Heavy-duty aluminum
Warranty: 3 years on the finish and limited lifetime on structure
Weight capacity: 1,600 lbs
Type: Hard heavy-duty cover
Price: Check Price

The DIAMONDBACK HD tonneau cover comes in three different lengths to support all three Toyota Tundra truck bed configurations.

The heavy-duty DIAMONDBACK HD hard cover provides the highest level of theft and elements protection of all the listed options. It boasts a heavy-duty aluminum construction that features a unique locking mechanism, a neoprene perimeter gasket to keep the water out, and up to 1,600 pounds of weight capacity. A removable LED lighting also helps with cargo management, especially since the cover can’t be fully opened.

Speaking of which, a unique locking and opening mechanism mandates the DIAMONDBACK HD be half-closed at all times. More precisely, its mid-segment is locked in place, rendering that part of the bed inaccessible from the top.

Our Verdict

If we’re to choose the best tonneau cover for the Toyota Tundra, our pick would have to be the BAK BAKFlip MX4. It’s rigid, durable, supports all bed configurations, and features a convenient folding design. The TruXedo TruXport tonneau cover is also a fine choice if you’re on a budget. It does pretty much everything its higher-priced counterparts do, with the exception of providing full bed access.

Toyota Tundra bed and cab combinations

Here is a list of the available Toyota Tundra bed and cab combinations and bed dimensions.

Toyota Tundra bed and cab combinations
Make / ModelYear RangeManufacturer's Cab Size TermUniversal Cab Size TermManufacturer's Bed Style / Size TermUniversal Bed Style / Size TermApprox Inside Bed LengthInside bed width (at cab)Inside bed width (at tailgate)
Toyota Tundra2000 2003RegularRegularShortShort74.44"61.44"61.44"
Toyota Tundra2000 2003RegularRegularLongLong96.25"61.5"61.5"
Toyota Tundra2000 2003AccessExtendedShortShort74.44"61.44"61.44"
Toyota Tundra2000 2003AccessExtendedLongLong96.25"61.5"61.5"
Toyota Tundra2004 2006RegularRegularShortShort74.44"61.44"61.44"
Toyota Tundra2004 2006RegularRegularLongLong96.25"61.5"61.5"
Toyota Tundra2004 2006AccessExtendedShortShort74.44"61.44"61.44"
Toyota Tundra2004 2006AccessExtendedStepsideStepside74"50"50"
Toyota Tundra2004 2006AccessExtendedLongLong96.25"61.5"61.5"
Toyota Tundra2004 2006DoubleCrewExtrashortExtrashort60"61"61"
Toyota Tundra2007 2013RegularRegularStandardShort77.0"62.56"62.69"
Toyota Tundra2007 2013RegularRegularLongLong95.88"62.56"62.69"
Toyota Tundra2007 2013DoubleExtendedStandardShort77.0"62.56"62.69"
Toyota Tundra2007 2013DoubleExtendedLongLong95.88"62.56"62.69"
Toyota Tundra2007 2013CrewMaxCrewShortExtrashort64.88"62.56"62.69"
Toyota Tundra2014 2015RegularRegularStandardShort77.0"62.56"62.69"
Toyota Tundra2014 2015RegularRegularLongLong95.88"62.56"62.69"
Toyota Tundra2014 2015DoubleExtendedStandardShort77.0"62.56"62.69"
Toyota Tundra2014 2015DoubleExtendedLongLong95.88"62.56"62.69"
Toyota Tundra2014 2015CrewMaxCrewShortExtrashort64.88"62.56"62.69"

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