In-Depth Review: UnderCover ArmorFlex

If you own a pickup, odds are that you bought it for bed-use in mind. But with the bed comes the challenges of keeping the bed itself protected, as well as the things you carry in it. Bed liners only solve half the problem; on the other hand, tonneau covers, especially hard folding tonneau covers, have the versatility to handle both parts with unparalleled effectiveness.

One particular option is the UnderCover ArmorFlex hard tonneau cover manufactured by UnderCover Truck Bed Covers. This Made in the USA product is purported to offer superior protection to the truck bed’s contents, while at the same time resisting just about any abuse an owner, or Mother Nature, can throw at it. Can you rely on the ArmorFlex to protect your truck and keep your gear safe from the elements and thieves? Is it worth the price? I think so, and here’s what I found.

Overall Design

At first glance, it may appear that the UnderCover ArmorFlex is just another tri-fold tonneau cover, but proving the old cliché, looks are deceiving. The AmorFlex’s low-profile design and matte finish serves to keep the eye focused on the truck itself. While at the same time, the pattened LINE-X coating sports a rugged texture that ensures that the surface is prepared to take a beating.

The UnderCover ArmorFlex features a tri-fold design constructed of heavy-duty aluminum panels that can be conveniently secured into place for the desired position. Just pull the cable latch beneath each cover’s section to release it from the rails. If access to the entire truck bed is needed, the cover folds upright and can be held into place by a pair of rugged prop arms. The truck can be safely driven when the cover is in this position; however, it does block the view through the back window. On the other end of the cover, slam latches automatically lock the cover in place when it is shut.

Unlike basic tonneau covers, the UnderCover ArmorFlex provides added security to the bed with a dual-action tailgate seal. This feature allows you to open the tailgate with the last panel of the cover either up or down. And with the cover down and tailgate locked, you can consider the contents more secure than if they were locked in the cab because the LINE-X coating will resist all but the most determined thieves.

And while closed, the UnderCover ArmorFlex maintains water-resistance for the bed via EPDM rubber seals and hinges. Channels are built into the cover’s rails to direct water into drain tubes that draw water away and prevent it from pooling on the cover, which is often a problem found with the roll-up style of tonneau cover.


The tri-fold segments are designed to take the abuse of a camper and a contractor alike. Toss tools or supplies on the ArmorFlex surface and expect it to resist the scrapes and scuffs of getting things done. And its dent-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about what you sling up on the cover while at the worksite, which is a great comfort for those who have co-workers who aren’t as appreciative of someone else’s property. Furthermore, its rigidity promises to endure both harsh weather and hard work for the life of your truck.

The UnderCover ArmorFlex offers quick access to all its features. To fold open the first section cover, simply pop a latch beneath each side at the tailgate and it then fold it back. Pull cables on the other sections make for an easy one-two flip to fold it all up. You can then latch it down and then drive away in no time. If you need a little more room, just raise up the last section and secure it with the heavy-duty prop bars and you are ready to hit the highway.

While you can’t expect any cover to be completely waterproof in any situation, the UnderCover ArmorFlex does a great job keeping the bed dry. Because of the water-resistant seals and pair of drain tubes, you can expect for your gear to be protected from the elements, whether it’s torrential rain or a foot of melting snow.


Installing the UnderCover ArmorFlex is a straightforward process that only requires a half-inch socket, a pair of scissors, and about 30 minutes of your time. Everything else is provided by the manufacturer. The only thing else you need to do before getting started is to locate the drain holes at the front of your bed. The location of these drain holes varies on the make and model of your truck.

The UnderCover AmorFlex’s low-profile design rests on two bed rails, and the pre-installed water-resistant strips lay flat on the edge of the bed, which removes guess-work and time-consuming adjustments. The six rail-clamps themselves are pre-set for the left and right sides of the bed, so all you need to do is find a convenient location to tighten them down.

The only difficulty in the entire installation process is really no difficulty at all. Once the cover is on the bed, all you must do is nudge it back and forth until the cover is centered between the font and the tailgate. Once you find the sweet spot, all that’s left is to finish hand-tightening the mounting bolts by their knobs. This hand-tightening process also makes for easy cover removal if it is ever necessary.


The UnderCover ArmorFlex provides top-notch durability and security provided by the heavy aluminum panels coated with the virtually indestructible LINE-X coating. This makes storing expensive power tools, fishing gear, or other valuable items in a truck bed a viable option no matter where the truck is parked.

Installation is a relatively easy process, daily use is simple regardless of the required position, and keeping the cover clean is essentially a no-brainer. A quick hose down or a run through a carwash will take care of any mess without allowing water to seep into the bed.

Finding a tonneau cover that suits your needs can be difficult, considering all the options in the world of aftermarket truck parts and accessories. But if you are looking for a cover that has versatility, can take a beating, and maintain its low-profile charm while doing it, then you really can’t go wrong with the UnderCover ArmorFlex hard folding tonneau cover.

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