Leer 700 Series Tonneau Cover Review. Leer 700 series vs Ranch Legacy

Let’s do a little comparison between the Leer 700 series fiberglass tonneau covers and the Ranch Legacy tonneau covers. Now they both have some pretty good body styling lines, meant to kinda match the hood on your truck:

The above photo, on the left, show the nice body lines of the Ranch Legacy. The photo on the right, of the Leer 700 series fiberglass cover shows similar body lines. (Now, there is no reason to say the Ranch looks better JUST because it is on a Dodge Ram! 🙂 But, they are both red! )

The Leer 700 series is a pretty cool looking fiberglass tonneau cover, and it was their first generation of tonneau covers. And, of course, ‘Leer was here first’ with their tonneau covers. But being ‘first to market’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best in the market.


 Leer 700 series vs Ranch Legacy

Consider this, BOTH fiberglass covers:

  • Are custom painted to match your truck
  • Have a single lock
  • Wrap over the tailgate for extraordinary security
  • Use automotive-grade rotary latches
  • Use gas (pneumatic) props to assist in opening the cover
  • Seal out the elements such as rain and snow
  • Require no drilling
  • Offer great warranties
  • Are easy to remove


But, there are some significant differences!

The first thing to note is that you cannot buy a (new) Leer fiberglass tonneau cover online. Nope. They don’t sell them online. If you want a Leer tonneau cover -700 series, you will need to locate the nearest dealer.

While writing this article, we did a check to find the closest ‘local’ dealer. Well…the closest is 1 1/2 HOURS away! Ok, let’s say I don’t mind driving 90 minutes there and 90 minutes back? Can I just go there and pick up my cover and come home with it and install it myself? Again…NOPE! It appears that ONLY the authorized dealers can install the cover. BUMMER! It appears that installation takes about an hour or so, and that is only if they have the installation bay available. It appears we would have to take at least a 1/2 day off from work in order to drive there, get it installed, then drive home again. NOT including the gas $$$! If there are any problems with the cover, it would be another 1/2 day off…at least.

Now, while we are discussing the installation, the next question is, “Will the dealer install the cover for free?” Not likely. A dealer will usually charge $50.00-$75.00 for installation. This will, again, usually be on top of the price for the cover itself. And don’t forget the sales tax!

With the research we’ve done, it looks like the 700 series fiberglass covers by Leer are running around $1200.00 or so.

So…according to the math, the Leer 700 series fiberglass covers are (likely) going to cost you several HUNDRED dollars more than the Ranch Legacy, and that doesn’t even include the extra time needed to get one on your truck.

The Ranch Legacy fiberglass tonneau cover we offer will be shipped right to you and you can easily install it on your own time…for hundreds less!

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