Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover

The Peragon tonneau cover is fairly new to the tonneau industry and it has stepped up to face the industry giant…the Bakflip tonneau covers. Whenever a new folding cover is introduced, it will automatically be compared to the Bakflip covers that have dominated the industry. We’ve read debates that have taken place on top forums across the internet already. Let’s get into the differences now.

1. Both are Hard Folding Tonneau Covers that require a locking tailgate for security. If your tailgate does not have a lock, purchase a pop n lock aftermarket tailgate lock for your truck.

2. Bed space – both covers are much better than the industry standard which takes up 1/3 of your bed at best and the cover will need to be removed. The Peragon folds more like a retractable cover and bunches up like an accordion at the front of your bed only taking up 6 inches. The Bakflip covers(G2, HD, F1, and Fibermax) allow full bed access and flip up against your cab with rubber protection pads. The Bakflip will block your rear window and some people find it hard to drive. Both covers are easy to remove if needed.

3. Profile –  The Peragon rails stick up about 3/4″ above your bed rails. The Bakflip covers are perfectly flush with the bed rails with a ‘No Profile” design.

4. Weather Protection – Both covers have EPDM seals and do a great job minimizing water intrusion. Bak covers have a patented water drainage system that flows water down a tract and out tubes.

5. Installation – Bakflip covers take an average install time of 45 minutes to an hour, whereas the Peragon takes 2-3 hours. Both are considered a one-person job.

Bottom Line – the Bakflip is a better cover, it has more features and seems to be the perfect design for most truck owners that use their truck like a truck. However, the Peragon is a little cheaper so for someone who wanted to save some money…the Peragon just might be right for you.

We’ve got to ‘give it up’ for both of these innovators promoting their products. Both seem to be very passionate about making a product that will truly make your life easier and stay out of the way when necessary.


Peragon Tonneau Cover Video Review


Bakflip Tonneau Cover Video Review

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